SPECIFICATION: 1. Max.cutting width : 720mm 2. Max.cutting thickness : 80mm 3. Precision : ±0.3mm 4. Press paper mode : Automatic 5. Push paper mode : Automatic 6. Safety : IR 7. Voltage/Power : 220V±10% 50HZ 1 KW 8. Gross weight : 550kgs 9. Packing size : 1450*1350*1520mm FEATURES: 1) Inclined blade makes it easier to cut pasteboard. 2) Independent paper press design makes more precision cutting. 3) Blade external micro adjustment makes the operation more convenient. 4) Double guide device makes the paper push more stable. 5) Infrared safety protection design and rear protection cover keep operation safer. CE standard. 6) LCD display, paper press, cutting time and the calibration points of paper pushing size can be arbitrarily set. 7) Multi-term self-test function, fault code display and counting function. 8) Program control can be set to 99 groups*7 times. 9) Clear infrared laser indicate line.