BD-B800AT Auto Cover feeding Glue Binding Machine

BD-B800AT Glue Binding Machine
• Touch Screen display, Powerful multi-parameter setting.
• Adjustable function in clamp table can work on the bookcover in differe
nt thickness.
• Highpower motor& 20 teeth sun milling cutter make the perfect milling
and book binding LED display, multi-parameter setting.
 Display: Touch Screen
 Max.Binding Length: 425mm
 Max.Binding Thickness: 60mm
 Binding Efficiency: 200-400books/H
 Duration for glue melt: 35min
 Milling cutter: sun +small milling cutter
 Glue Roller: Three rollers
 Side Glue: Yes
 Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ 4.0KW
 Dimension: 2000*750*1400mm
 Gross Weight: 350kgs